Zelen (pronounced "ZEH-len") is a fictional city in Hudson County, New Jersey where the animated television comedy Power Mom! is set. The Masson family, Nesbitt family, Úvain family, Wilding family, O'Donnell family and Riley Adams are the main residents of Aries Lane, with the Masson's residing at 715 Aries Lane. In an interview with MTV in 2002, Jerry Cowburn stated that the population of Zelen was a "little over 1,200, it's in that ballpark area." In the same interview, he also confirmed that Zelen was located in Hudson County, the same city which he and Annie Waltman met.


Zelen was founded by Winston Zelston, who was an American anthropologist. With the help of tribal people, known as the "Ripley Tribe of Zelen", Zelston built a wonderful city, naming it after the tribe who took him in. When Zelston died of an unknown illness, the Ripley Tribe continued to build his town, under his name. Many residents of Zelen, including the Barvaz family, are ancestors of the Ripley Tribe.

People and Places in ZelenEdit

Local news anchors Fabian Cosmola and Linda Powers are known to host Zelen City Watch, the local news channel. Gloria Marty joined the channel in Season 6 to take over weather and news coverings over the city. The Mayor of Zelen is Randall Ripley, one of the last surviving members of the Ripley Tribe and Family. Cherry Powers is also a local celebrity, who makes her living by being a popstar.

Greenies is a Restaurant, Bar and Hotel that Grayson visits along with his friends; James Nesbitt, who is a gym trainer, Kamil Úvain, who is a History Professor at the local university, Riley Adams, a bisexual self-employed financial advisor, and Marvin O'Donnell who joins the gang and show in Season 12, he is a record shop owner. Grayson himself works as a shop clerk at a comic bookshop.

All teenagers, including Roman and Sebastian Úvain, Paul and Emmy Masson, Sean Perry and Cora Nesbitt, attend Philomena Jackson High School. Emmy and Sean graduate from the school in the Season 5 penultimate episode. Wilbur Masson attended Honeycomb Pre-School before aging up into a child, and currently attends Winston Zelston Elementary School.

The name ZelenEdit

Zelen is Slovene for the color green.

Many buildings featured in Zelen are noticeably green. During the making of Power Mom!, Cowburn wanted to name the city, Zeppelin, but after some consideration and many hours on the drawing board, he came up with the name "Zelen", and then created the backstory of it.

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