Wilbur Jeremiah Masson is one of the main characters in Power Mom! and is the youngest child to Grayson and Nina Masson and the younger sibling to Emmy and Paul. Wilbur is portrayed as a bit of an evil genius, yet he has never caused any harm on anyone that doesn't deserve it. He is shown to be fantastically smart, but doesn't want his parents to see how smart he is as he doesn't want to be put under pressure. He has a great relationship with the family cat, Stella, and this is shown many times during their adventures together. Like his sister, Wilbur has aged, and he aged in Season 8, episode 1. He resides with his family in 715 Aries Lane in Zelen, New Jersey.

Wilbur is voiced by show co-creator Jerry Cowburn, who also voices Grayson and several other characters. Cowburn uses his normal voice to voice Wilbur.



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