Shrek (Grayson): Alright, animals. That's our plan! Any of you furries got any questions?
Puss in Boots (Stella): Yeah, I got one. Why am I the cat and Buckley gets to be a human?
Donkey (Sean): And why am I the ass?!
Shrek: [sighs] Look, Stelle, you picked the name outta the hat, okay? Therefore, you're the cat. And you're the ass, Sea-- I mean, Donkey.
Puss in Boots: I'd much rather be the Fairy Godmother, I mean, come on man!
Shrek: Oh, yeah, I forgot... you have a weird thing for playing bad guys. Alright, fine. The next one of these we do, you can be the bad person. I promise!
Puss in Boots: Thank you - that's all I wanted.
Donkey: What about me?
Shrek: Eh, you'll always be the Donkey.

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