What an alternative title card
The first special of the series, yeah!

What an Alternative!
After watching Shrek before he goes to bed, Wilbur dreams of it in his sleep.

Season: 3 Episode: 11
Total Episode Count: 45
Prod. no.: 3RTQ11
First Aired: June 6, 2002

Featuring: :

Writers: Jerry Cowburn, Annie Waltman, Alison Gilbert, Scott Sherman
Storyboarders: Rebecca Glass, Jemma Leahy, Jason Burnham

Plot: The episode begins with an annoyed Wilbur, who is still up, late night, and is making a lot of noise as he is yelling at Shrek. Nina comes in, and puts Wilbur in his crib, alongside turning off his television and DVD player. A few minutes later, Wilbur is squirming in his bed, trying to get to sleep.

We then enter Wilbur's dreamworld, where he dreams that Zelen has turned into the land of Shrek, along with its residents. He takes on the persona of Prince Charming and plots with his grandmother, the Fairy Godmother (Riley Adams) to marry Princess Fiona (Nina) who happens to be his sister, to Lord Farquaad (Paul), in the hopes of gaining the crown of the town. However, things go awry when Shrek (Grayson) and his new friends, Donkey (Sean Perry) and the Puss in Boots (Stella) save the Princess Fiona, who ends up marrying the ogre. Lord Farquaad assigns Prince Charming with the task of assassinating the Princess, who is later caught and punished for the attempted murder. He also names Lord Farquaad, who is accidently sat on by Shrek.

Wilbur wakes up, says how his dream was disappointing and depressing, then goes back to sleep.

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