What a pilot title card
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What a Pilot!
Nina tries to organise her children for school after a long summer holiday.

Season: 1 Episode: 1
Total Episode Count: 1
Prod. no.: 1RBK01
First Aired: March 13, 2000

Featuring: Nina Masson, Grayson Masson, Emmy Masson, Paul Masson, Wilbur Masson, Stella Masson
Also Appearing: Kamil Úvain, Sarina Úvain, James Nesbitt, Terry Nesbitt, Katia the Nun, Riley Adams, Linda Powers, Fabian Cosmala
Director: Annie Waltman
Writers: Jerry Cowburn
Storyboarders: Janice Talgoy, Mariah Wong, Morgan Lindsay

Plot: The episode begins with Nina prepping the morning breakfast, the camera spans to a clock, showing it's early in the morning. As she tosses a sausage over in the frying pan, she notices that the school holidays were almost over. Sighing, she grudgingly prepares herself for what appears a stampeded. She is soon joined in the kitchen by her two teenagers, Emmy and Paul, who both shout and yell many requests and demands for their need of school supplies. The family cat, Stella, announces her presence by screeching. This stops the teenagers yells, and causes them to turn around. Stella then goes on to say that the "kittens" should create their own lists of items and books they need and then join their mother during her daily errands. The teens shrug and exit the kitchen. Nina thanks her friendly cat and rewards her by stroking the back of her ears. Stella meows nicely.

Upstairs, Grayson attempts to change Wilbur's toddler diaper, too much a vail. During the escapade, Wilbur blurts out how he loathes his parents for bringing them into this family of weirdos and cannot believe he's the only smart one out of them all. Grayson, unaware of what his son has actually said, states that he can't wait until his "little champ" can speak and picks him up. He carries his son downstairs, leaving him with Stella and Emmy, who are flicking through fashion magazines in the sitting area. Grayson exits the house, heading to collect the mail from the mailbox. As he collects his mail, he sees that his neighbor, Riley Adams, a sex-crazed bisexual who has never had an emotional relationship with a man or woman, sends a Scottish woman off in a cab. Riley walks over to Grayson and comments on her recent lay. Grayson nods, commenting that Riley has had a lot more women than men over during the summer. Riley blames the weather for her change of heart. The two are then interrupted by Nina who needs to see her husband right away.

A few hours later, the Masson family are in Zelen Mall. Stella and Grayson break away from the group, taking Wilbur with them so they could allow Nina, Paul and Emmy to get what they need. During their trip around the mall, the two teens and their mom bump into their next door neighbor, James Nesbitt and his wife, Terry, who are also out shopping for their own daughter's school supplies. Emmy asks why Cora isn't with them. Terry casually mentions that they caught her in bed with a man older than her. Shocked to the core, Nina asks why they can admit it so cooly. James then goes on to say that their daughter is allowed to have sex, but if she does it under their own roof, then she has to be punished. Nina bites her lip, in bewilderment while Emmy whistles "nice" under her breath.

Over at the food court, Stella and Wilbur are waiting for Grayson to return with their meals. Stella asks him if he is looking forward to going back to kindergarten tomorrow. Wilbur answers sowerly, leading Stella to ask what's wrong with him. Wilbur huffs about how Grayson changes his diapers too fast and misses it the way Stella used to do it. Stella goes on to say that she can't do it anymore as he's older now, and that his poop is too rich for her cat instincts. Wilbur sulks, thus ending the conversation.

On the drive back home, Nina looks back at her teenagers who are clearly happy with their school supplies. She looks to Grayson, who's reading a comic book in the passenger seat. Nina mentions about the Nesbitt's deal with Cora (their daughter) to Grayson, who clearly wasn't listening and causes him to turn around and demand to know if Emmy has been having sex. Emmy answers sweetly and innocently. As Grayson turns around, Emmy giggles over to Stella, who winks back at her, suggesting that she has indeed been having sex.

Back at home, during the evening, Nina and Grayson are setting their alarms for their first days back to work. Grayson mentions that the store he works for is getting a new delivery of TimeMan comics tomorrow, and he plans to steal a few copies for him and the guys and Paul. Nina sighs and nods, acknowledging her husband and continues to take off her watch. Grayson sits beside his wife, massaging her shoulders and consoles her. Nina blurts out that she has really enjoyed the summer holidays as it's the first time they've done activities as a family and that she's going to miss it. Grayson mentions that they have Fall Break coming up soon, but Nina responds almost immediately, saying that she'll most likely be working 24/7 during the Fall season. Grayson then cups his wife's hands, informing her that, no matter the circumstances, they'll find a way to take part in family activities. The couple exchange their love and then get into their bed together.

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