Stepfamily Rules
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Stepfamily Rules is an upcoming show, set to air in Spring 2017, created by Annie Waltman. It will air with a 12-episode first season. Below is information on the sitcom. Information will be updated accordingly.

  • The show will take place in the fictional town of Layton Mill, located in Washington D.C.
  • Ernie Darrow (Tristan Cowburn), Marianne Darrow (Annie Waltman), Carrie Darrow (Beth Bonaparte-Tatum) and Don Darrow (Bradley Vega) make up the main family, with Ernie being the primary protagonist.
  • The street in which the Darrow family live on is called "Ball Street".
  • The Darrow house is occupied by a ghost named Sheridan Henley (Bonaparte-Tatum), who is confined to the house, unless she takes the object in which she is sired to.
  • Scott Sherman will voice the patriarch of the Plum family, along with his on-show son.
  • The Plum family consists of Kenneth Plum, Barbara Plum and Jacob Plum.
  • There will be another 5 supporting families who live on Ball Street.
  • Ernie Darrow works as a lobbyist, and works closely with the White House. Marianne Darrow is the Dean of Medicine at Layton Mill Private Hospital.
  • Carrie and Don are the same age, with Don being the elder of six months.
  • Don is portrayed as a jock, who plays lacrosse and enjoys nothing but sports. His circle of friends include; Aaron, Lucian, Cole and Daemon (side note; Lucian is the only friend of Don's who lives on Ball Street).
  • Carrie is portrayed as a "hot brain whiz", who prefers to read educational encyclopaedias and enter contests. She is also quite popular with the "popular kids". Her circle of friends include; Janie, Anne and Petal.
  • Carrie and Don both attend Our Holy Father's Private Academy and are both Juniors.

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