Nina: Oh, Stella, I'm glad I found you. Guess what?
Stella: Hmm?
Nina: My parents are coming to visit - and they're bringing some of your mother's old toys. Isn't that great?
Stella: Oh... that's... that's great, Nina. Excuse me. [Leaves abruptly].

Wilbur: Y'know, at least your mom left you accidently. Mine is too busy working, leaving the comic one in charge.
Stella: [Scratches his arm]. You shouldn't speak like that about your mom! She's a great woman, took me in when no one else wanted me. Be happy that your's is still around.

Shira: Stella, I'm sorry. I know that your mother and sisters are a sour topic. But, you should know that you're mother will be proud of you. She really did love you. A mother's love is the strongest thing to ever have.

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