[Wilbur takes a bite of his piece of cake. After a few chews, he vomits on himself and falls out of his highchair, passing out.]
Nina: Oh my Goodness, Wilbur!

Paul: Ms Chef Sparks, I'm sorry for breaking into your house but I really need your help. You see, I accidently poisoned my baby brother and everyone thinks I can't cook, but I want to prove them wrong.
Chef Sparks: [Laughs loudly and snorts]. You actually poisoned your brother?! Oh, kid, I've not laughed like that since I was young. Alright, I'll teach you to cook.

Stella: Paul, why do you think you have to be good at everything?
Paul: I don't know... I guess because Emmy is beautiful and she's going to be one of those ladies who marries someone for their money, while Wilbur is really smart and could go off to be a rocket scientist, or someone like Doctor Evil. And me, I'm just... useless.
Stella: Hey, kid, never say that about yourself! You are a Masson, and if there's one thing I know about your family, it's this; you bunch never give up. So what if you're not good at everything? As you have so clearly witnessed, I can't piss outside without cursing myself and clawing at my skin! But, that doesn't stop me from pissing. Instead, I go and use that litterbox your mom and dad got me.

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