Mr Webber: Excuse me, sir, do you mind speaking American, if possible?
Kamil: My wife still struggles with her English. And besides, we have every right to speak in our native tongue.

Stella: Wilbur, we have to help them. The Úvain's have done or said nothing to offend this guy. He's clearly the problem here!
Wilbur: Yeah, I don't know, man. I was just planning on chilling... and my diaper is due to get changed any minute now. Oh, and then I have milk and cookies at 3!
Stella: This is more important than milk and cookies, you little baby. We can actually help someone!
Wilbur: If I help, will you buy me milk and cookies?
Stella: Only if you take off those ridiculous sunglasses.
Wilbur: [Wilbur removes the glasses slowly]. Touche, cat.

Wilbur: Look, man, I get where you're coming from, I really do. Sometimes, their accents throw me off too, and when they speak in that weird language that nobody understands, I'm all like "What the fuck? Are your tongues burning or something?" but they're good people. Sure, they come from a country that Hitler enjoyed very much, but that's not their fault! Did you know that there are thousands of Americans sitting out there right now, with non-English blood rolling around in them? I think my cat has that type of blood in her with half the stuff she spouts out - and she's a cat, for crying out loud! My point is, they're good people. They've never harmed anyone before, and they don't intend to. So, call off this deportation so I can go home and eat my cookies and milk. Okay?

[Stella and Wilbur look over the party the Úvain's are holding].
Stella: Y'know, we did a good thing today, Wilbur. We should we feel good about that.
Wilbur: We sure did, I'm proud of us Stel!
Stella: We should do this more often. Helping people out? We're clearly good at it!
Wilbur: Woah... did you... are you hitting on me?!
Stella: What? No?! Why would I hit on you?!
Wilbur: I don't know! You're the one hitting on the baby here, not me.
Stella: What the... no... Wilbur, I'm not hitting on you.
Wilbur: Alright, chill man.
Wilbur: [After a few moments of silence]. If you were, I'd totally be up for it.

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