That's Your Saying title card

That's Your Saying
Grayson and Nina compete to come up with a catchphrase.

Season: 1 Episode: 3
Total Episode Count: 3
Prod. no.: 1RBK03
First Aired: March 27, 2000

Guest Starring: Troy Newleaf
Featuring: Nina Masson, Grayson Masson, Emmy Masson, Paul Masson
Also Appearing: Stella Masson, Wilbur Masson, Riley Adams, James Nesbitt, Terry Nesbitt, Kamil Úvain, Sarina Úvain, Dr Powell, Nurse Janie, Linda Powers, Nathan the Guy
Musical Numbers: The Catchphrase Song!

Director: Danielle Zummer
Writers: Jerry Cowburn, Annie Waltman
Storyboarders: Janice Talgoy, Jordyn Aola, Murphy Kitiz

Plot: Grayson, Riley, James and Kamil are all sitting in Riley's back garden. Riley is telling the guys about her recent lay in great detail. She mentions that she was close to having a threesome with two guys at a bar, but states that they were "two gay for her own good", so instead, laid with the bartender who was a tad Russian. She then finishes her story with her catchphrase "My greatest lay since Daddy Cool". Grayson begins to contemplate on how he can never think of a good catchphrase, especially at the right moment. James and Kamil both state that Nina's catchphrase is pretty good. Grayson then becomes stubborn over the thought of his wife being funny and vows, then and now, to come up with a better catchphrase than his wife.

Meanwhile over at the Masson family home, Paul asks for Emmy's help. He has got a bad grade in Algebra and can't bring up the courage to tell their parents. When Emmy asks why, Paul sternly mentions that if he gets a good grade in Algebra, they're going to buy a new amp for his guitar. Emmy nods and tells him that she'll think of a casual way to bring it up to them.

A few days later, Nina and Grayson take Wilbur to Dr Powell's office for his annual check-up. While waiting for the doctor, Grayson begins saying random catchphrases in the silence of the air. After a few phrases, Nina asks what he's up to, and Grayson states that he's trying to come up with a better catchphrase than everyone else, lying slyly so his wife doesn't figure out his jealousy for her own catchphrase. Just then, the doctor enters the office and begins her annual check-up on Wilbur.

Later on at the table, Stella and Nina are sitting in the kitchen, coming up with a list of catchphrases. Emmy and Paul hide behind the kitchen door, and Emmy ushers her brother into the kitchen, telling him now was a good time to break the news. Paul struts in casually and announces his presence. He prepares himself to break the news, but is interrupted by Grayson, who runs in the kitchen from the back door, yelling another random catchphrase. Paul groans with fear and flees the house, with Emmy following him, trying to catch up to him. Grayson, Nina and Stella share awkward glances at each other.

Nina is having afternoon tea with Terry and Sarina, and mentions Grayson's recent strange behaviour. Sarina recalls what Kamil told her the other night and lets the ladies in on the joke; Riley, Kamil and James all pulled a prank on Grayson to think that Nina had a better catchphrase than anyone else so they could plan his birthday in peace. At first, Nina finds his hilarious but then realises that her husband should be let in on the loop.

Emmy pushes Paul into telling their parents about his bad grade, or she'll do it herself. At night, Nina surprises Grayson with a cake which has his very own catchphrase on it. The two share a romantic moment, but are rudely interrupted by Emmy who comes down into the family room yelling about Paul's bad grade in Algebra.

The episode ends with Stella and Wilbur sitting on the stairs watching Paul and Emmy being yelled at by their parents. Wilbur mentions that this is the only line he's had in the whole episode. Stella nods lazily, clearly not listening.

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