For Terry's popstar career, see Laina Flapp.

Terry Laina Nesbitt is a recurring character featured on Power Mom!. She is the mother to Cora and Raymond Nesbitt, who she became pregnant with in Season 8, and gave birth to baby Ray in Season 11. She is also married to James Nesbitt. In the late 90s, after graduating from high school, Terry moved to England and became a popstar, bringing in some hard cash. This is brought up several times, starting from Season 4 onwards. In Season 5, Terry begins working as a Dental nurse at Classy Dentalcare. She lives at 717 Aries Lane with her husband and two children.

Terry is voiced by Alison Gilbert. When the "Laina Flapp" storyline was introduced, Alison informed Cowburn and Waltman that she was a poor singer, therefore Beth Bonaparte-Tatum, the voice of Emmy, Stella and numerous other characters, provides the singing voice for Laina Flapp as she has a background in singing.



80s Popstar LifeEdit

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The Nesbitt Family

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