Stella Barvarz (better known as Stella Masson) is one of the main characters in Power Mom! and the family cat to the Masson family. She was born into the Barvarz family, 13 years after Nina's marriage to Grayson. She was passed down to Nina and Grayson, who already had a 13 year old daughter and a 11 year old son. She is the first born kitten to Deila Barvaz, with whom she had a horrendous relationship with. She also has 3 other estranged sisters. Stella possesses various anthropomorphic abilities, such as walk bipedally, ride a moped and speak intelligently. She used to be extremely close with Emmy Masson, but after voicing her opinion on Emmy's bad choice of marriage too early into her life, the latter called off their friendship. Stella resides at 715 Aries Lane with the Masson family in Zelen, New Jersey.

Stella is voiced by Beth Bonaparte-Tatum. Tatum uses her normal speaking voice to act out Stella's lines.


Stella was born into a litter of cats, the first daughter to Deila Barvarz. Stella's father is unknown and this information has remained unknown since the show was created. Stella has three younger sisters; Bella, Ella, and Lelah. She has an estranged relationship with Ella and Lelah, but in Season 10, Bella came back to Zelen, looking for Stella. Since that episode, the two sisters have remained in touch with each other. It was revealed in "The Quest for Nothing" that Stella was 6 years old, being born when Emmy was 13.

After she was passed onto the Masson family, Stella expressed an interest in learning more about the human world and was allowed to travel around the world, making friends with humans across the globe. One of her friends, Cammy Waverly passed away and Stella attended his funeral, bringing Wilbur along with her in Me, You and the Toddler. This episode was, in fact, the beginning of The Adventures of Stilbur episodes in the series.


Stella is portrayed as a wise speaker and is normally kind to everyone. In earlier seasons, she likes to help out strangers and close friends with Wilbur. She also has strong views, which reflects on peoples opinions on her. She has a bit of a wild side as well but generally tries to hide it as she doesn't want people knowing that. It was revealed in "The Quest for Nothing" that she had a bad relationship with her mother and three sisters, therefore she normally gives advice to Emmy, Paul, and Wilbur on presents for their parents and each other.

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  • Stella got a part-time job in Season 4 episode, "Counting Buttons" as a packager - a job which she has held since then.


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