Stargazing title card

Everyone spends a night on their rooftops, hoping to see the shooting stars.

Season: 2 Episode: 19
Total Episode Count: 34
Prod. no.: 2PMZ19
First Aired: November 1, 2001

Guest Starring: Tom Reeve
Featuring: Nina Masson, Grayson Masson, Stella, Emmy Masson, Paul Masson, Wilbur Masson
Also Appearing: Riley Adams, James Nesbitt, Terry Nesbitt, Cora Nesbitt, Linda Powers, Fabian Cosmala, Kamil Úvain, Sarina Úvain, Roman Úvain, Sebastian Úvain, Katia the Nun, Sean Perry, Tatia Wildling, Troy Davros, Harry Barvarz, Jason Masson, Macey Masson, Edmund Grimes, Shira Barvarz, Ellen Grimes, Star Expert, Helen Partly-Farmer, Jolene Partly-Farmer, Dr Powell
Director: Jerry Cowburn
Writers: Victoria Shanks, Paul Blanchard
Storyboarders: Samantha Eccleston, Pedro Caldwell, Mariah Wong

Plot: The episode begins with Linda Powers and Fabian Cosmala on the news, broadcasting information on the upcoming star show. The pair then begin to bicker with someone behind-camera, wanting to know where their "star expert" was. They then inform the viewers that they will give them more information on the star show once they bail the "starman" out of jail.

Later on, Nina convinces her family to go up to the roof to watch the stars. Emmy then turns the television on, and it shows that the star expert is out of jail. He begins to explain the different stars that are expected to appear in the sky that night. The show then goes through different characters, discussing with their friends and families about their interest in the show.

In the final minutes of the show, many characters are seen sitting on their roofs, looking at the stars up-ahead.

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