Riley Wilhelmina Adams, better known as Riley Adams, is the sex addict of a next-door neighbor to the Masson's. Riley is a bisexual, but mostly partakes in homosexual relations. She is best friends with Grayson Masson and is close friends with Kamil Úvain and James Nesbitt. Due to her sexual tendencies and her gender, most of the women on Aries Lane do not like her, with the exception of Terry Nesbitt who states they are gal pals. Riley works as a self-employed finance advisor, stating many times that she is good with numbers and sums. She lives by herself at 713 Aries Lane. Riley is the second-born daughter to Rory Adams and Wilhelmina Kirkwood, and has two siblings; Morgan Clementine and Alistair Adams. It is known that after her father died, her mother re-married. Through her sister, she is the aunt to Minnie Clementine and the sister-in-law to Stan Clementine.

Riley is voiced by recurring cast member Amanda Munroe. Bonaparte-Tatum voiced Riley in What a Pilot! but dropped the role after Cowburn wanted a lower voice actor for the role. Munroe also voices Cora Nesbitt.


Riley Adam is the second-born daughter and child to Wilhelmina Kirkwood and Rory Adams. She has an elder sister, Morgan Clementine and a younger brother, Alistair Adams. On her brother's 5th birthday, her father, Rory, died in an accidental car crash, caused by himself ("Adams and Kirkwood's"). Riley's mother soon re-married, while her older sister, Morgan showed an interest in their step-father, Riley and her brother didn't want him in their lives. At the age of sixteen, Riley moved to Zelen, and became close friends with Lisa Powell, who was already studying medicine. Lisa convinced Riley to enrol into the University, which she did.

Eventually, Riley got her own house in Aries Lane, and became close friends with the families who settled in the street.


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