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Season 13 confirmedEdit

Jerry Cowburn and Annie Waltman, show creators, have confirmed that there will be a 13th season of the show, and there could be a Spring premiere. Not much news has been said but they do know that there will be 25 episodes in the season. Information released will be noted in the below section. As of February 2016, the number of episodes have been confirmed as to be 15, and they will be set to premiere sometime this year in November, perhaps in January. Cowburn also confirmed that this will not be the final season of the show.

In April 2016, BBC America booked another two seasons of the show.

(Last info update; May 1, 2016)

Season 13 storylinesEdit

To be confirmed.

Possible sister showEdit

Annie Waltman has shown an interest in creating her own show, similar to Power Mom, with a few familiar voices appearing. She would like Bonaparte-Tatum to help her with her side project, expressing a great interest in her voice acting. Information on this said show is still being announced and confirmed. Information released will be noted in the below section.

(Last info update; December 22, 2015)

Sister show newsEdit

  • Annie Waltman signed a contract with BBC America for a 12 episode season of the show.
  • Waltman announced that she has constructed a family for the show with a male main character.
  • The family will consist of a couple being married with 1 child each from their previous relationships, and a Ghost inhabiting the house.
  • Names of the family have been confirmed as Ernest "Ernie" Darrow, his second wife, Marianne Darrow, his daughter Carrie Darrow, his step-son, Don Darrow and their Ghost friend who owned the house, Sheridan Henley. The town they live in is called "Layton Mill".
  • The name of the show will be Stepfamily Rules.
  • Beth Bonaparte-Tatum confirmed, via her twitter that she would be voicing Carrie Darrow. She explained that her new character is the complete opposite of Emmy Masson in "more ways than we know".
  • Annie Waltman will voice Marianne Darrow, and her brother-in-law, Tristan Cowburn, is going to voice Ernest "Ernie" Darrow.

For more information on the upcoming show, see Beds' blog.

Wiki newsEdit

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