Kamil: Maybe we should use those China plates that my parents got us for our wedding day?
Sarina: No way, are you joking? Your mamma will slap me silly - we've never used them. That woman has the eyes of a bat, but a nose of a bloodhound.
Grayson: Sari is right, presents from in-laws are always crap. When me and Nina got married, her dad kept giving me money to buy a grandson.

Wilbur: Look, you licker, I can't spell this word and I need help!
Stella: Why not look it up in the dictionary, like a normal person?
Wilbur: I don't know about your mommy, but my mommy taught me to never, ever cheat. Especially when it comes to business management.
Stella: How the hell do you cheat in business management?
Wilbur': I don't know, you give the people in suits less money and give the cleaners more money?! Will you help me out or not?

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