Wilbur: You?! Why would you, of all people, send me a card for Valentine's day?
Stella: Because, you little twerp, needed to be cheering up! And I felt bad for that girl refusing your card for her! There's a valuable lesson in all this, Wilbur; life is going to throw you many curve balls - you wanna know why? Because, you're going to grow up and be this great gentleman that all the good girls will fawn for, whilst the bad ones are gonna date you just for your looks and the money you earn for inventing something so awesome! I thought it would be a good lesson, that you were old enough to realise all that. [Of Wilbur's gaze] Apparently, I was wrong!

Sean: Hey, Mr Adams dude!
Riley: [sighs] For the last time, Sean. I'm a woman. Riley is a unisex name.
Sean: Right on, I'm supportive towards everyone.
Riley: Emmy is wasted on you, I hope you know that.

Paul: Wait, Dad, are you really going to get Tony Bennett just for you and mom?
Grayson: Yeah, buddy, that's why you brought me here!
Paul: No it isn't. Dad, do you even know the meaning of Valentine's day?
Grayson: Of course I do! You kids and Stella leave the house for the day, whilst I bang your mom on every piece of furniture we own. Your mom isn't too fond of the idea yet, but I think she's close.

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