Please be red title card

Please be Red
Valentine's Day approaches Zelen, and those who are in relationships want to please their loves.

Season: 3 Episode: 12
Total Episode Count: 46
Prod. no.: 3RTQ12
First Aired: June 13, 2001

Guest Starring: Tony Bennett
Featuring: Nina Masson, Grayson Masson, Stella, Wilbur Masson, Kathy Burkhardt, Sean Perry, Emmy Masson, Linda Powers, Riley Adams, Lisa Powell
Also Appearing: Fabian Cosmala, Paul Masson, Harry Barvarz, Shira Barvarz, James Nesbitt, Terry Nesbitt, Kamil Úvain, Sarina Úvain, Tony Bennett
Musical Numbers: "Body and Soul", "Please be Red"

Director: Markus Shae
Writers: Jerry Cowburn, Sheila Canning
Storyboarders: Karen Greene, Jackson Rosso, Marina Knight

Plot: This episode follows the four stories of four different pairings of Zelen:

The first follows Linda Powers, Riley Adams and Lisa Powell. Linda is walking alone home, one night, and sees Lisa and Riley ice skating together on a frozen lake. She joins them, who welcome her warmly. Linda, however, looks depressed and when the women ask why, she tells them that her sister, Cherry, was unable to make it into Zelen as she had made plans with her rockstar boyfriend from some screamo band. Both Riley and Lisa take it upon themselves to cheer her up.

In the Masson residence, Wilbur comes home one day from nursery and complains to Stella about a girl in his class, Kathy Burkhardt, who rejected his Valentines card he spent hours pondering over. A thoughtful Stella secretly sends Wilbur a secret admirer card, hoping it would cheer him up. The card works its magic, and Stella even goes along with Wilbur's many hints about his admirer in different conversations, until he goes too far, insulting Stella about how she has no admirers but he has 1. Stella forces herself to tell Wilbur the truth about the card, but also uses it as a valuable life lesson for the toddler.

At school, Emmy causes a fuss when Sean tells his girlfriend that their Valentine's night would be spent in the back of his car with Radiohead blaring while they make out. Emmy proclaims that to be the worst plan, and tells her boyfriend that he has 24 hours to prepare a romantic, couples night out, or they're relationship is through. Sean secretly goes to Riley Adams for money help, who offers him $400 for a collectible train set he has had since he was a child. Greedly, she accepts, and Sean uses the money to buy Emmy a pair of beautiful blue earings and to book them a romantic dinner at Gideon's.

The final story shown is of Grayson and Nina, who are exchanging Valentine's gifts on the day itself. Grayson is astonished at the expensive gift that Nina had got him. Nina asks for her gift, and Grayson makes a lame excuse before leaving, with his gift bag behind. In their room, Grayson looks down at his gift for Nina, a silk red scar, with disgust in his eyes. He asks for Paul's help, who states that Tony Bennett is currently performing in Trenton, who happens to be Nina's favourite performer. Grayson decides to travel to Trenton, with Paul in toe, and asks the famous performer to perform for him and Nina. Paul sees this as selfish and gives his father a speech on the real meaning of Valentine's Day, which gives Grayson a fantastic idea.

The end shows several of the character sitting on blankets, watching Tony Bennett's private concert in Zelen Grove Park. Stella is sitting by herself, reading a poetry book, whilst bobbing her head to the tune. Wilbur comes to sit with her, and shows her the Valentine's Card that he drew for her. She takes it, smiling, and the pair share a hug. Wilbur then casually points out Kathy Burkhardt, and gives her the finger, before returning to embrace Stella.

Grayson and Nina are then called to the clearing in front of the stage by Bennett, himself, who proclaims his final song of the night, dedicated to the happiest couple, Grayson and Nina Masson.