Parents night and free coffee title card

Parents Night and Free Coffee
Nina and Grayson attend Emmy and Paul's parent conferences, respectively.

Season: 1 Episode: 13
Total Episode Count: 13
Prod. no.: 1RBK13
First Aired: July 12, 2000

Guest Starring: Annie Waltman
Featuring: Nina Masson, Grayson Masson, Emmy Masson, Paul Masson
Also Appearing: Stella Masson, Wilbur Masson, Mrs Wycott, Mr Potter, Robin Hood, Maid Marian
Director: Roy Menzies
Writers: Jerry Cowburn, Lindsay Cho
Storyboarders: Amanda Cavanaugh, Jackson Rosso, Tatia Penman

Plot: At night, Grayson is driving to the school with Nina, Emmy and Paul for a parents conference. During their drive, Grayson mentions that he hates Parent's night. Nina comments that there will be coffee and snacks for the parents. This pleases him a bit, but Grayson still dislikes the thought of it, mentioning that Robin Hood and Maid Marian never had to go to no parent conferences.

Cutaway to Sherwood Forest where Maid Marian informs Robin Hood that she has received word from a healer that she's barren. At first, Robin seems upset, but then jumps with joy as he won't have to waste his nights at no stupid parent conferences. This upsets Marian, but Robin's too busy jumping for joy to care.

Back at the Masson home, Stella is catching up on her reading when Wilbur climbs downstairs. He rambles on about how he can't sleep so Stella gives him the remote, hoping that it'll make him sleepy. Wilbur turns on the television and begins watching an episode of the Real Housewives of Moranville County.

Nina and Grayson decide to divide the conferences into two; Nina will speak to Mr Potter about Emmy and Grayson will speak to Mrs Wycott about Paul. During Grayson's meeting with Mrs Wycott, he keeps interrupting her about the funny cat posters on her office wall. During Nina's meeting with Mr Potter, Nina decides to ask him many questions about Emmy's new boyfriend and asks if he has been distracting her from her work. When they both meet up again, each lie to stop the other finding out about their stupid mistakes.

When the Masson's get home, they find Stella and Wilbur yelling at the TV, unaware of the other family members presence.

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