Miss emmy for it girl

Miss Emmy for It Girl
Emmy enters the local It Girl contest, hoping to win a new car.

Season: 2 Episode: 17
Total Episode Count: 32
Prod. no.: 2PMZ17
First Aired: October 17, 2001

Guest Starring: Vanessa Phelps, Kirsty Vaughan, Violet Stone, Ricky Gervais
Featuring: Emmy Masson, Miss Kathleen, Miss Rhiannon, Miss Flora, Miss Kianna, Presenter Davíd
Also Appearing: Nina Masson, Grayson Masson, Stella, Paul Masson, Wilbur Masson, Riley Adams, Sarina Úvain, Kamil Úvain, James Nesbitt, Jason Masson, Macey Masson, Shira Barvarz, Harry Barvarz, Cora Nesbitt, Sean Perry
Musical Numbers: These Ol' Pageant Girls

Director: Harrison Gilligan
Assistant Director: Annie Waltman
Writers: Lindsay Cho
Storyboarders: Martin Pyles, Finn Stevens, Ara Kahn

Plot: Emmy, Cora and Sean enter the Masson home and walk through to the kitchen, where Nina and Grayson are sitting, having coffee. The two girls begin talking loudly, hinting that Emmy wants a car. Sean then blurts out the true purpose, annoying Emmy and Cora. Nina and Grayson both laugh, and tell Emmy that, if she wants a car, then she should earn it.

The next day, Emmy informs the family that she will be entering a local "It Girl" contest, the prize being a blue Chevrolet Lumina. At first, the family are not so supportive, but then agree to go.

During the day of the contest, some residents of Zelen have joined together to support Emmy. Emmy proves to the Presenter, and only judge, David that she has what it takes to be Zelen's next It Girl. Thus, she wins the contest and the car.

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