Minor turbulence title card

Minor Turbulence
The Masson's take their first family flight with Wilbur, who discovers that he really hates flying.

Season: 3 Episode: 8
Total Episode Count: 42
Prod. no.: 3RTQ08
First Aired: May 24, 2002

Guest Starring: Piper Harlow
Featuring: Grayson Masson, Nina Masson, Stella, Wilbur Masson, Emmy Masson, Paul Masson
Also Appearing: Cora Nesbitt, James Nesbitt, Brandene the Hostess, Chaz
Director: Theresa Cruz
Writers: Dean Descoe, Peter Osborne
Storyboarders: Katherine Pickley, Monica Stone, Kenneth Small

Plot: The Massons are departing for their first family flight to Canada with a nervous Wilbur who isn't exactly sure on how airplanes stay up in the air when they're in flight. They are waved off by Cora and James, who pretend to be sad when the Massons are leaving, but when their family car turns off the bend, they begin jumping up and down, dancing like crazy, exclaiming their happiness that the moronic Massons will not be around for a week.

On their flight. Wilbur causes a scene and begins a tantrum which disrupts the other passengers. While a distraught Nina and Grayson tries to calm him down, Stella distances herself away from the rest of the family and begins speaking with a male passenger named Chaz.

Meanwhile, both Paul and Emmy receive first class treatment from Brandene the Air Hostess, and both siblings become drunk with power when they ask her to do some ridiculous things.

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