Knocking on hell's doors title card

Knocking on Hell's Door
Lilith and Lucifer ask for Grayson and Nina's help for marriage counseling.

Season: 3 Episode: 2
Total Episode Count: 36
Prod. no.: 3RTQ02
First Aired: April 13, 2002

Guest Starring: Stephanie Munson
Featuring: Lucifer, Lilith, Nina Masson, Grayson Masson
Also Appearing: Stella, Emmy Masson, Wilbur Masson, Paul Masson, Riley Adams, Dr Powell, Jason Masson, Isabelle
Director: Harrison Gilligan
Writers: Peter Osborne
Storyboarders: Rita Everson, Gina Teller, Jemma Leahy

Plot: At night, Nina and Grayson are getting ready to have sex, when Lucifer appears. Grayson calls him out for blocking him, but Lucifer states that he's having his own marital problems. He then begins to sniff, which makes Grayson laugh. Nina shuns him, and asks Lucifer what's got him down. He then explains that Lilith is fed up of living in Hell with a man who hasn't acted evilly in seven days. Lucifer manages to convince the pair to help him out.

The next day, Lilith appears, and Nina and Grayson decide that Lilith needs to see Lucifer doing something evil. Lucifer suggests that he interrupts two lowers. In a cutscene, Lucifer and Lilith walk in as Dr Powell and Riley Adams are both naked. The pair yell at them to get out. Lucifer and Lilith come back, explaining it didn't work.

Later on, Grayson pulls Nina aside and hints that Lucifer should kill someone to please Lilith. At first, Nina is horrified that Grayson would suggest such a thing, but then realises that he's right. The couple bring the idea up to Lilith and Lucifer. Grayson hints that he hates a bitchy customer, who he wants dead. The next morning, Grayson and Nina read a newspaper article on Isabelle's death. Both decide to mention none of this to their children.

Meanwhile, Jason and Stella get into an argument over their religious views, which ends up with the three Masson kids taking sides.

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