Junk flowers title card

Junk Flowers
Emmy and Paul struggle to come up with a gift for their mom on Mother's Day, and turn to Stella for advice.

Season: 3 Episode: 15
Total Episode Count: 49
Prod. no.: 3RTQ15
First Aired: July 25, 2002

Guest Starring: Malcolm Kendall
Featuring: Stella Masson, Emmy Masson, Paul Masson
Also Appearing: Nina Masson, Grayson Masson, Wilbur Masson, Riley Adams, Kamil Úvain, Linda Powers, Helen Partly-Farmer, Jolene Partly-Farmer,
Director: Janice Wilder
Writers: Lindsay Cho, Sheila Canning
Storyboarders: Jackson Rosso, Rebecca Glass, Kenneth Small

Plot: It's Mother's Day in Zelen and the celebrations are in full swing! However, disaster strikes the day before the day as Emmy and Paul begin to bicker when the pair realise that neither of them has bought anything for Nina. The pair go to Stella who agrees to help them find something nice.

Meanwhile, Nina forces Grayson to babysit Wilbur while she goes shopping with Linda, Helen and Jolene, much to his dismay as he wanted to go to the game with Riley and Kamil. So instead, he gets drunk and misplaces his son - he hopes to bring him home without Nina finding out.