James' Woes title card

James' Woes
James becomes aware how much of a manless household he lives in when he realises that he only has a daughter.

Season: 2 Episode: 3
Total Episode Count: 18
Prod. no.: 2PMZ03
First Aired: June 20, 2001

Guest Starring: Anthony Tailor, Victoria Smurfit
Featuring: James Nesbitt, Cora Nesbitt, Terry Nesbitt
Also Appearing: Nina Masson, Grayson Masson, Stella, Emmy Masson, Paul Masson, Wilbur Masson, Riley Adams, Tatia Wilding, Daniel Craig, Fiona Loudon
Director: Maureen Kingsley
Writers: Paul Blanchard
Storyboarders: Rory Evans, Martin Pyles, Finn Stevens

Plot: During an evening meal with his family, James decides to tell a joke to his wife and daughter, not realising that the joke was degrading to women. James attempts to apologise and tries to explain the joke but that only makes his situation worse. James is forced by Terry to sleep on the couch. The next day, James explains his situation to Riley and Grayson, who come up with a solution; he and Terry need to have a son so he can have father-son moments.

James relays this information to Terry and Cora, Terry takes the news lightly, however, Cora takes it the wrong way and refuses to live in the same household with her. Terry then suggests that James spends the night at the Masson's home. Over at the Masson's, Nina tells James off for saying such a thing to his daughter. Grayson makes a comment on how this situation reminds him off Daniel Craig's divorce to Fiona Loudon.

Cut away to Daniel and Fiona arguing over Daniel needing a son to teach important, manly things to. The scene then cuts to the pair signing a divorce settlement.

Cut back to Zelen, and James apologises to Cora, who also apologises to him for overreacting. Cora also apologises to him for not being more like a son. James then tells her that she was a girl for a reason and that he wouldn't ask for it any other way. The two then share a fatherly-daughterly embrace.