Husband josef title card

Husband Josef
Tatia's husband, Josef, arrives into town with his cool personality and great collection of adventure stories, which leaves Grayson feeling left out.

Season: 3 Episode: 9
Total Episode Count: 43
Prod. no.: 3RTQ09
First Aired: May 24, 2002

Guest Starring: Gerard Ascot
Featuring: Josef Wildling, Tatia Wildling, Grayson Masson
Also Appearing: Nina Masson, Riley Adams, Kamil Úvain, James Nesbitt, Terry Nesbitt, Sarina Úvain, Stella, Emmy Masson, Paul Masson, Wilbur Masson
Director: Danielle Zimmer, Jerry Cowburn
Writers: Helen Troian, Annie Waltman
Storyboarders: Stephen Morgan, Ara Kahn, Tatia Penman

Plot: The three wives (Nina, Terry and Sarina) are seen shopping at Zelen Mall when they bump into Tatia Wildling, who is rushing around like crazy. She informs the wives that after weeks of waiting, her husband Josef, is finally moving to Zelen. She tells them that her husband doesn't spend a lot of time with other people as he is too busy exploring ancient cultures. Nina excitedly comes up with the idea of the husbands spending time with Josef to introduce him more to Zelen.

At first, the guys (and Riley) have fun with Josef, enjoying listening to his adventure tales. However, Grayson becomes disgruntled with his friends when they begin only listening to Josef's plans and ideas. Eventually, Josef and Grayson make-up, with Josef telling Grayson that he reminds him of an old friend he knew a long time ago.

Meanwhile, Stella and Wilbur attempt to mend Emmy and Paul's brother-sister relationship when Paul spreads rumors about Emmy's "fictional" sex life.