Easy k title card

Easy K
Grayson and Terry both decide to run a 1K marathon to prove to their other halves that they are athletic.

Season: 2 Episode: 8
Total Episode Count: 23
Prod. no.: 2PMZ08
First Aired: July 24, 2001

Featuring: Grayson Masson, Terry Nesbitt, James Nesbitt, Nina Masson
Also Appearing: Emmy Masson, Paul Masson, Stella, Wilbur Masson, Cora Nesbitt, Riley Adams, Kamil Úvain, Sarina Úvain, Marathon Commentator
Director: Valerie Watters
Writers: Annie Waltman
Storyboarders: Alison Puckett, Jonathan Boone, Jackson Rosso

Plot: The episode begins with Grayson, Riley, James and Kamil, all sitting in Riley's living room, who is needing help looking for an old flame's number, remembering how much of a good night she had with him. Grayson mentions that he's thinking about entering a 1K marathon that he saw advertised on the News. James bursts out in laughter, commenting that Terry mentioned the same thing. Grayson doesn't like James' opinion. James then states that he doesn't think either of them have it in them. Kamil agrees with James, while Riley states that she likes them sweaty.

The next day, at the local supermarket, Grayson bumps into Terry and they both enter a conversation, both stating that they were uncomfortable with their spouses not supporting them. They then agree to train with each other, both wanting to prove to their spouses that they have it in them.

On the day of the marathon, both Terry and Grayson hurt themselves halfway through the marathon and are forced to stop running. Back at the Masson family home, both James and Nina tell their other halves that they are happy and apologise to them. Before the credits roll, Wilbur and Stella have a comical conversation which involves Wilbur showing an interest in taking part in a marathon.