Paul: Wait, so let me get this straight. You want me, your brother, to film you and your best girlfriend while you both perform cheerleading moves??
Emmy: Yes, Paul. Now come on, are you going to help us or not?
Paul: Emmy, I'm pretty that me doing that would get us arrested!
Cora: Your brother's sense of the law astounds me at times.
Emmy: Yeah... he's kinda like dad, in that way.

Primrose: Look, Grayson, you're a really cool guy, and I wanna be your friend, but I'm not going to waste my precious time with your wife!
Nina: [snorts with laughter] "Precious time"? Is that what you call your "job", is it?
Primrose: Hey, lady! Maybe if you got out of your blank head and saw what a great guy your husband is, you'd understand! Grayson has helped me through some heavy stuff - that car he got in? He put the down payment on it for me! These shoes - he bought them too! And I didn't even have to bang in for it, I didn't even ask him. He bought them, out of the goodness of his own heart.

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