Diamonds and glitter title card

Diamonds and Glitter
Nina is horrified to learn that Grayson has befriended a prostitute, and is determined to ruin their friendship.

Season: 3 Episode: 10
Total Episode Count: 44
Prod. no.: 3RTQ10
First Aired: May 31, 2002

Featuring: Grayson Masson, Primrose the Prostitute, Nina Masson
Also Appearing: Stella, Emmy Masson, Paul Masson, Wilbur Masson, Riley Adams, James Nesbitt, Terry Nesbitt, Cora Nesbitt
Director: Donna Knowles
Writers: Jerry Cowburn, Bonnie Clive
Storyboarders: Polly Warner, Emily Bane, Samantha Eccleston

Plot: Nina and Terry are out for coffee in the afternoon, with Nina complaining about Emmy always on the phone with Sean, whilst Terry nods along, looking rather bored. Halfway through their conversation, Terry points out Grayson across the road, and Nina turns around, horrified to see Grayson getting in a beat-up car with a woman.

At night, in bed, Grayson comments that there was no point in him brushing his teeth as Wilbur destroyed their sex life. Nina states that she doesn't want to go near Grayson after she saw him with his friend and her little car. Grayson is confused, but then tells her all about Primrose and how they met. Nina doesn't care, and refuses to sleep in the same bed as Grayson. Furious, she leaves.

Throughout the rest of the episode, she tries her hardest to ruin Grayson's friendship with Primrose, ultimately deciding to invite the girl over for dinner. At the dinner, Nina drops sly hints about her profession. Primrose leaves, but before she does, gives an admirable speech about how Grayson has helped her over the past few months, before leaving in tears. Nina, feeling bad, decides to mend the friendship.

Meanwhile, Cora and Emmy ask for Paul's help in helping them record a cheerleading rhythm for their university application, which is boycotted by James Nesbitt, Riley Adams, Wilbur and Stella, much to Cora and Emmy's dismay.

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