Cherry: Oh man, Linda, do you remember that one time in kindergarten when I accidently flicked some paint into your eye, and then we ended up starting a paint fight through the whole grade!
Linda: Yeah, I remember that quite vividly, Cher.

Linda: [Flips table over, out of anger.] You know what, sister, I've had it up to hear with you! For the past thirty odd years, I've had to put up with your bull and be a victim of your constant name-calling, but now that we're older, I will not stand for it. As from today, we are no longer sisters. You're just a random celebrity who has no meaning in my life.

Nina: I want you kids to remember something; siblings are your first and last friends you make on this planet, and I really hope that you enjoy each other's company, as you have no idea when it'll be over.
Grayson: Here, here! I wasn't lucky enough to have rotten siblings, so you three should be grateful.

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