Nina: Listen to me Grayson, promise me that you won't let my sister get to you. With one look, Lina can have you in her grasps.
Grayson: Okay, I promise Nina.

Stella: Woah, hey Wilbur, check out the News!
Wilbur: Ugh, look, Stel, for the last time, don't run away from the cartoon animals, okay? They aren't real. Jesus.
Stella: No, you ass, look at Cosmala's outfit. It changed miraculously.
Wilbur: Oh yeah, you're right. Hey, did you just call me an "ass"?
Stella: ...Yeah.
Wilbur: Ouch, nice one.
Stella: Thanks. I just saw you and knew it would fit you right away.
Wilbur: Ah, two for two!

Fabian: I really have no idea what you're talking about. Now, please, leave - I have a reading to get to.
Stella: No way, you hairless bitch, you're not leaving this room until you give us an answer.
Wilbur: I'm sorry, I'm really proud of her right now. She's never usually so catty.
Wilbur: [looks to the camera] Hehe, I made a funny punny.

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